How to buy US stocks in Canada


How to buy US stocks in Canada… Can you buy US stocks in Canada? Can CANADIANS buy US stocks? All good questions, and the answer is YES!

Not only CAN you invest in US stocks, but you SHOULD.

Now your broker will charge a slight fee for converting your Canadian Dollars into US Dollars, but this will be done automatically at the time of purchase!

I would highly recommend reaching out to your specific broker and getting additional details on their specific fees.

I hope you all enjoy the video 🙂

Brandon Beavis Investing


  1. I don't know for certain how the automatic conversion works for all the online brokerages in Canada, but, I know that BMO investorline does not automatically convert the currency for you. I recently bought some US stock with CAD in my account thinking they would do it for me. A few days later they called me and said I had a debit balance in my USD and needed to buy USD to cover the debit balance or else they would start charging interest. I'm going to always have USD ready in my account now before I purchase US securities.

  2. Norbert Gambit is the way to go when buying US stocks with CAD. It will add up to a lot of savings over time and it's what I personally use as well 🙂

  3. When I bought Amazon and Google stocks, the exchange fee they charge was at least 1.5% in total, to buy and sell, along with the purchase fee, doesn't seem as worth it. But taking advantage of a weak USD can give a very nice bonus.


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