How to find and buy penny stock w/ TD Ameritrade (3 min)


Step by step of how to find and buy penny stocks with td TD ameritrade


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  3. What do you use to find the rest of the penny stocks. There are tens of thousands more that are traded, just not available in TDAmeritrade stock screener. You need to inform people of the Pink Sheets and how to read those. You can still use the TDAmeritrade platform to research, it just won't come up in a screener search. By using the full array of pink sheets it is much easier to find stocks to trade (fundamental understanding necessary).

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  7. the last step confused me. You didnt explain the whole 1.00 thing meant. You bought one stock for $5, so why is there a cap for $1

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  9. So will TD Ameritrade allow you to trade stocks under a penny? I currently have another broker but they do not allow trades of stocks under a penny and most don't see to or they require you to keep a balance. I like that TD does not.

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