How to find and buy penny stock with etrade


Step by step video of how to search, find and buy penny stock with Etrade.



  1. Hey man, anyway i can contact you privately? Im 15 and don’t have a lot of money to invest but i live the market and just opened my e trade account which is the closest thing to Cryptocurrency but ill take it

  2. Do you have any idea on why E trade would hold your funds for 2-3 days after you just bought and sold a penny stock on the same day?

  3. I hope you are still available for questions on this video! I was wondering. Why wouldn't we just buy this .0371 stock on limit at .04 cents? Instead of the .06 that you used in your example. Wouldn't cheaper be better?

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  5. Just for clarity, a "penny stock" is any stock that trades for less than $5 and only trades OTC. For example, CIE would not be considered a penny stock even though it currently trades for 25 cents p/share.

  6. Can you help me please. I'm not sure which to pick, and I don't know even what they mean.


    Rollover IRA

    E*TRADE OneStop Rollover IRA2

    Traditional IRA

    Roth IRA


  7. If etrade charges a 10 dollar commission on buying and selling and penny stocks are low priced wouldn't it be a loss for one to even consider buying a penny  because of the total of 20 dollar commission you would have to pay even if you made a couple dollars off the penny stock…for it to be profitable the penny stock would have to have over 20 dollars in profit right? so is this likely enough that it's worth it or am I mistaken in my understanding

  8. Can't thank you enough. I didn't realize I had to hit limit. That's what was hanging me up. Take care!

  9. I gotta question for you is ameritrade better or etrade which is good cause I'm new and just start learning about stcoks


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