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So, you’re ready to start investing in wonderful businesses that are available at an attractive price, the only question left is HOW? Watch this video and I’ll walk you through the process.

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  1. Nothing about company sponsored direct stock purchase plans? There are still many blue chips that have no purchase and DRIP fees or maybe charge a buck or two per purchase. DSPPs are definitely not for active traders, as buy and sell orders can take a few days to process (plus most plans charge 15 bucks or more to SELL), but if you're looking for the absolute cheapest way to purchase and/or reinvest shares in an established business, a DSPP is a great way to do it.

  2. great site its what ive been looking for, ok can I save money using the acct then purchase once I have a certain amount? can I invest in overseas markets?

  3. Thanks Phil, this did help out a lot. I must say recently I've bought a few stocks for the first time. Last year I had purchased a few shares in Ferrari last fall, now that the team is doing well I have doubled my investment. Granted I know that's mostly due to the outcome of the Formula one season and I watch it like a hawk and know it's not a sure bet to sit on. Also recently purchased shares in Tesla about a few weeks ago when the stock dipped down after the slaying down of the new model 3. I guess Elon Musk doesn't fail to disappoint because in just a few weeks I have already made 13% on that investment. Thanks again Phil

  4. Ive had an Etrade account for some time just to learn, found that sometimes when trying to purchase I get message that wont allow me to buy even though shares are open to purchase, there is not an explanation as to why you cant purchase it can really be irritating, (Pink slip)

  5. I am 68 and started trading in 2006 dropped out 2008 paid for a few high end classes which i did not get a return on. I only have 3000.00 to trade now with what would your advice be to because i need to try and make 1000.00 amonth dont laugh. i have 14000.00 already in stocks

  6. Hi Phil,
    I live in Australia, TDAmeritrade is no longer available here, what broker should I choose?
    I'm still a high school student, what is your best advice to get me well prepared?

  7. Just discovered your channel, I read your book couple years ago and it really helped me understand stock trading in general. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  8. I found Trade Station to be consistently dishonest. They lied to me time and time again to get me to open an account. They are known to work with educators and give them a deal to refer their students. I use TDAmeritrade and am very happy with them. They along with Fedelity, and Shwab are rated the top brokers by Investors business daily's readers poll year in and year out, Barrons rates them the best in their polls also. They are also in a price war with each other over commission rates. I find Trade Station unethical.

  9. Just started watching these videos today and plan to watch them all! I am currently 18 years old and want to learn now to start investing and saving for retirement before I reach age 20.


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