How to start buying stocks


How to start buying stocks. How to start buying and selling stocks. How to start buying stock. How to start investing in stocks.

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  1. Financial Education Hi my brother. Firstly, I want to thank you for this video. I really appreciate the wisdom that you give. I am considering becoming a Forex investor and was wondering if you have any advice on what I should know before I decide to move forward. I would be completely new, so do the same rules that you give concerning Stocks (like looking up the 10K, 10Q, etc..) apply to Forex? What are the keys as it concerns research for Forex? Do you have any books, videos, or even resources that you recommend I look into that will help me have a better perspective and overview of how Forex works? Your help would be greatly appreciated! Blessings!

  2. Hey Jeremy first off appreciate all the content I've watched at least 100 of your videos so informative but one question. After you review a company's investor relations, decide it's not for you, and move on. How do you know when to go back and review their relations again? Their stock numbers? Or are you actively going back and reading the same as the year goes on to review changes in the company?

  3. I'm new to this just got an app called "invest", I know apple and netflix are doing really well. So if I were to buy a $20 share from both ($40 total), I am assuming you just let it sit for a long time and keep track and then eventually you sell it..? I want to be sure before I put money into this.

  4. i really dont agree with the statement about reading the 10k. i have no desire to read that. im just interested in buying dividend stock and holding for a lifetime as an income. im new to this but thats my outlook. im buying stocks in things i know that will be stable. i will only sell if it stops paying a dividend. i do however like to see what holdings they have.

  5. Thanks for the videos Jeremy, what do you think about the new apps like robinhood and stash?, I would like to hear a review from you on those! Thanks!

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