INVESTING IN AMAZON STOCK 📈 Is Amazon Stock A Buy In 2017?


Let’s talk Amazon stock! Is Amazon stock a buy? Amazon is one of the most talked about stocks among investors. Amazon stock is up 12% over the last 3 months, 20% in 2017 alone, 43% over the last 12 months and an astounding 476% over the last 5 years. Amazon is a mega cap stock, with a market capitalization of $430 billion. Amazon has a sky high price to earnings ratio of 184 with a forward price to earnings ratio of 73. The reasoning for this is that Amazon operates as close to break even as possible. Stocks like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple are at all time highs. Should you invest in a stock when it is up like these? This video should help you make a decision whether or not Amazon stock is a buy. Short interest on Amazon as of 3/31/2017 was 4,738,717 shares or roughly 1% of outstanding shares. Despite the stock being at an all time high, investors are bullish on Amazon and the short interest positions are minuscule. Amazon has a profit margin of 1.74%, which is evidence of this break even business model.

Is Amazon Stock A Buy? In my OPINION, yes! Here is why…
(Explanations for this are in the video.

1. Online Retail Sales will DOUBLE by the end of 2020.
2. Amazon is becoming the shopping search engine.
3. Amazon stands to disrupt industries that are not serving customers as well as they could be.
4. Amazon is still founder led.
5. Amazon has a low risk of disruption.
6. Amazon Prime is now a household essential.

There are numerous reasons why Amazon stock is a buy right now. These are just a handful of reasons to get in on Amazon stock. To summarize, we are seeing a consumer shopping trend shift that will benefit Amazon more than any other company. More consumers are using Amazon as their search engine for shopping related queries than ever before. Amazon is disrupting all businesses by better serving the customers. Jeff Bezos is still at the helms of Amazon and founder led companies tend to be more innovative and successful. The intellectual property and the fulfillment infrastructure put Amazon at a very low risk of disruption. And finally, Amazon prime makes consumers exclusive to Amazon to get the best bang for their buck.

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  1. could you make a forecast of where you think Amazon's profits, cash, p/e and stock price might be in some future year (2000) and then indicate whether or not that is reasonable? All my forecasts show that if Amazon maintains growth rates and stock only increases 6% per year from current levels (market average more or less), than it's price to operating income is still higher than Oracle and Microsoft in 2000 and therefore crash-worthy.

  2. I got one question bro please if you get the chance to answer i would highly appreciate it. I want to get into buying stocks but how or what will be my first step as in to buy or where can i go for thorough information.

  3. Amazon bought whole foods recently for 13.7 billion dollars. This was a stupid move by by Amazon. Managing a grocery chain won't be easy. Amazon's arrogance will lead to them losing big.

  4. Wal-Mart actually does have a video streaming service, Vudu, more a virtual Red Box, than a Netflix or Amazon Prime video.

    I've actually started ordering toilet paper, paper towels and the like through Wal-Mart online. Their prices are a lot better than Amazon for that kind of stuff, and it is so much better than going to the store.

  5. Thanks Ryan. Hit all the points ! thanks for the great insights… I am also interested to understand any possibility of stock split on Amazon which may be a factor in stock price. Any info on this possibility ?


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