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Is Coca Cola stock a buy is todays question. Coca Cola stock has been great over the decades in the stock market. Can coca cola continue to grow and be a great stocks to buy. I love coca cola but not sure about coca cola stock!

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  1. Me a while ago: Apple is about to realease IPhone X
    Me now: should’ve invested..

    Stupid sounding strategy, wait until they get either a new commercial, or product, so it gets more advertisement and more buyers, and then you wait

  2. OKay guys, I have to money to make some investments. I want to buy some stocks in Coca Cola. How do i do this? Where do I buy it and how do I store it?

    Thank you

  3. Almost one year later and that stock continues in the 40's. What a flop. As someone in the comments stated that there are ideias of implementing laws that could inhibit the consume of sugary drinks, I also would like to point out the inevitable increase in mass atention over the facts about cancer and other problems related to insulin (thus sugar) like for example the discoveries that have been made on how the cancerous cells tend to grow as they "eat" sugar to spread through the body etc

  4. AT&T, Home Depot, Exxon Mobil, Dunkin Donuts even though I know you're into to Starbucks. Any or all of those if you could do.

  5. Nice analysis Jeremy. It got even worse since then. Revenue fell to $41B and net income fell to $6.5B and the stock went up, so it is even more expensive now. I buy the drink, but not the stock unless it gets MUCH cheaper.


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