Is Nike Stock a BUY? | Nike Stock | Nike!


Is Nike Stock a buy is the subject of this video. Nike stock has been one of the best stocks the past 5 years in the stock market. Nike brand has grown but now will nike struggle. That we find out in this is nike stock a buy video.

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  1. hi ,thanks for your vedio,it‘s very useful ,but it would be better for some investigation of Chinese stocks

  2. love the video! the irony when you were talking about nike messing up currys name by putting kevin durants and then you call kevin durant kevin garnett lmao

  3. Awesome videos man! I look at the actual products as well. Nike has been going downhill when it comes to quality of its products. Under Armour on the other hand, always had durable and quality products that rarely break over time. Also, they seem to improve every year with style (Nike dominates that department). It's going to be hard for Under Armour to overcome the brand recognition that comes with the 'Swish" but I think UA will bounce back in near future. Thoughts on going further than balance sheets when analyzing companies?


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