Live Guide: How to Buy Stocks Online (Step-by-Step)


Live Guide: How to Buy Stocks Online (Step-by-Step)

One of the most basic lessons to be learned in online trading is learning how to buy stocks. If you are a new trader or maybe just looking to buy stocks for long term investing, the process is the same. I take you through a step-by-step walk through using money in my retirement account to buy a stock. When you have finished watching this video you’ll have a complete guide that you can refer back to for when you make your first stock purchase online.

Part 1: How to Buy Stocks Online –
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  1. Hey I’m very new to the market I’m trying to get started here. I’ve been watching your video, and they are all very well explained, but a question just popped to my head I’d like to know how you check the price of your shares or is there a way you can do it live and watch the prices go up or down. Again great job I’m learning a lot and thank you so much

  2. What are examples of when the order would not get executed? What are some example statuses we might see with our broker? If the price per share jumps above the limit you set is this an example of an order not completing? Also if the order does not go through due to limit then does it get deleted by the end of day based on the duration you picked or what happens to it? Just getting into this and any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  3. All of these videos are really good at teaching people about the stock market…BUT you are missing a video on how to read a stock quote screen. When I go to a finance page to look up a stock, what does all the information mean? I am putting together information for my high school students and am making them watch your videos, but this is the video I'm missing. I found another one that is okay…but I'm hoping to show your videos to remain consistent.
    Thank You!!
    Lisa H

  4. Have you done a video on strikes, calls, and puts? I can't find one on your page. I'm kinda getting the idea, but I feel like you might be able to explain it a bit better.

  5. when do you sell in this particular example? Are you waiting a few hours or days? Id love to see an example of selling with the same stocks that you bought! 🙂

  6. What is the difference between doing this through your online broker vs through a platform? Ex: TDameritrade vs tos. Other videos you show has charts. Is that because your day trading? Is this video different than day trading?
    How did you know that it was safe to buy those stocks at that moment, were you looking at a chart somewhere?

  7. Good video, but when you are day trading, is the candle Chart and the place you are selecting "buy" or "sell" one of the 5 tools you recommend on the sight or is that something else?

  8. Hello Clay, I would like to know what is the name of M Edge's platform. For example TD has Think or Swim. What is Merrill's? Thanks brother.

  9. I'd even say that the worst thing that can happen, if the total price of shares bought is higher than the capital (in a cash account you'll see a negative # & for some reason my broker didn't reject the order) & we are in a case of day trading so say the selling is done within the same day, there will be free riding violation.
    Beginners should really be careful of this as I made the mistake when I started trading, just wanted to mention this as a heads up for people who are just starting 🙂


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