Stock Market : How to Buy Stock at the Toronto Stock Exchange


In order to buy stock at the Toronto Stock Exchange, the buyer needs to be a large investor that the Toronto Stock Exchange does business with. Find out how to buy stocks or bonds at local brokerage firms with help from a personal asset manager in this free video on investing in the stock market and money management.

Expert: Roger Groh
Bio: Roger Groh is the founder of Groh Asset Management.
Filmmaker: Bing Hu


  1. Too bad you have no clue with this about how TSX operates. You can't go to and trade. You need to go to a Participating Organization of the Exchange.

  2. @mchvehe
    It is possible, I usually pull in 400-500% gains. Get the right strategy and everything falls into place. I use this for 80% of my trades. Watch this video =>


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