Stock Market : How to Buy Stock Without a Broker


The easiest way to buy stock without a stockbroker is by opening an online trading account, which may require the account holder to put up cash to cover their actions. Find out how to buy direct stock from a company with help from a personal asset manager in this free video on investing in the stock market and money management.

Expert: Roger Groh
Bio: Roger Groh is the founder of Groh Asset Management.
Filmmaker: Bing Hu


  1. hi,I got a question for you,my wife worked for a company in 1979,,the company still around,,the thing is that she was into an employee stock ownership plan,we have the participation statement with every thing broken down,it looks like a diploma,how do we know or  find out if she has any money coming to her,and if so, how  can we collect the money,,thanks.

  2. @hdvpvnk
    I'm averaging 400% gains. Find a better trading technique. This one will turn things around. This video explains it all >>


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