Tastyworks Tutorial: How To Buy Stock Shares


Since the Tastyworks platform is primarily built for options traders, there may be some confusion on whether you can buy and sell stock shares. But there is in fact a stock buying and shorting function on the Tastyworks platform. It’s simple but easy enough to use and understand. Just a quick video showing you how to navigate that process.


  1. You say that you can only enter a position with a limit order? They dont allow market orders? What about to close a position? Can you close a position with market order? Sometimes you have to do that when a position goes against you in a HURRY.

  2. When I click on TRADE (1:16) I do not get the "Deliverables, Stock, Call, Put" Boxes… The word Deliverables is nowhere on that screen or anywhere else that I have seen. I don't see any way for my Stock Order to go to The Curve and Ticket window.


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