The Top 3 Stock I’m Buying January 2018 | Sunday Stock Talk


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  1. Young gun rocking and rolling guns a blazing way to go kid. Only thing is can u mention the tickers in the video comments.

  2. Love your rules, Ricky. Long time follower and I enjoy these types of videos. Always brings a more humanized version of Youtubers when they do live videos that can't be spliced 1,000,000 times. Keep it up, man.

  3. How do you feel about buying in at one price point and then it dropping lower and then buying more which brings your entry price. for instance if you buy in at $10 and then it ends up dropping to $5 and you buy the same amount at $5 that you did at $10 then it brings your price point to $7.50 so 1000 @ $10 and then it drops to $5 so then you buy 1000 @ $5 it then brings you to 2000 @ 7.50 so then all you need is for the trend line to go above $7.50 for you to be in the green as in profiting above $7.50. But, only in good companies that have solid trend patterns. Also, only when your plan goes below the price point you bought in at. Also, not with such a huge drop in price I'm talking like maybe like 50¢ – $1.00. The above equation is just an example obviously the rule is to cut losses.

    Another example I guess would be like $12 down to $11 bought in at $12 went down to $11 then you buy that same amount of shares at $11 which would then make your share price $11.50. Let me know what you think or, if you know what I mean. Just wondering because I did it the other day and ended up making a little over $11,500 profit.

  4. Hey Ricky! Do have any tips for someone who didnt worked with the stock market yet and want to understand the system? 😀

  5. Ricky can you use a better resolution when screen recording? I believe you can record your screen in 1080p?

    It's very blurry and I think we all wished it was more clear.

    Or perhaps it's just that you're screen recording + live streaming?

    Anyways.. Hope you can fix it.. Keep up the good work.

  6. I tried signing up for the course online just after entering payment details i realises the confirmation button wasn't working. I figured maybe the service is unavailable overseas?

  7. Ricky hard to hear the company names when you read them. Could you annunciate them better or repeat the ticker symbol. Thanks for what you do!


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