Trading 101: How to Get Started Trading


Trading 101: How to Get Started Trading

The first step to start trading is all mental. You need to set-up your expectations with what reality actually is. If you can start with this mindset of how to start to trade, you are putting yourself as a trader in a much more profitable place for long term success.

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  1. I am starting out at 29. We dumped our savings in my husbands new company that is doing ok. We make a decent living and comfortable. I do have some money to invest in education on this. I have some money put back and can always get more. I don't want to wait 5 years down the road to start actually making money trading. I don't want to have to lose a bunch of money either. I know I will lose some probably but I don't want to do guessing games. I have 3 kids and I'm not throwing away money. I'm going to continue watching all your videos and probably invest in you classes. I'm serious about this but don't want to have to throw away money and lose some just to learn how to trade.

  2. Dude. Use some intelligence and make a useful video. The amount of redundancy and useless advice in this video makes me unlikely to watch your other videos.

  3. I want to learn from scratch all about Trading! Please teach me, be my mentor so I can be a successful Trader, so I can pay my medical bills from my heart surgery! Greetings from Fort Worth, Texas

  4. if your smart this theory doesn't exist. practice on a demo account till your good, learn how to loose enormous amounts of money as well as make it. then you've developed your ability to take decisions. do this for at least a year.. till your ready to earn with real money. my proof is that i in less than a week learnt to profit 108 k. trading is relay like card counting when gambling

  5. We live in a sacrificial redemptive reality system, so if anyone wants something bad enough they will go through the birth pains… but once the cycle is complete then looking back the person is happy they went through the "no pain no gain" process. Excellent video!

  6. I'm not even trading yet… but i appreciate you brother!
    And where do you sell your courses hints or whatever you seem authentic to me and i nrrd that shit!! 🙂

  7. I’m getting 3 jobs soon to invest in stocks the short term pain is going to be worth it afterwards and only 18 years old

  8. Sorry clay, just found these videos after I asked where to start in the comments section of that other video! 🙂

  9. It is said that the dividends are not compulsary for companies to give to their shareholders and keeping that in mind it is valid for companies stocks which gives dividends their prices rises due to the dividend but for the companies which does not provide dividends how the investors of those companies make money from their inventment of money on companies which does not gives dividends? How the investors get profits by investing in such company which does not gives dividends? Why the prices of such shares rises in daily basis just by following the supply and demand law?

  10. Finally someone who´s real and cut´s the bullsh*t. Love to hear about to sacrifice and the short term pain. That is so true
    Thank you Clay for sharing your knowledge.

  11. Thank you this was exactly what I was looking for. Not what broker or the the details of trading but the steps to take in life to be prepared.

  12. i`m supper beginner , i want to know how i can get information about any share i ant to buy or sell
    information abut the company , to make diction to buy or sell my share
    please advice


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