VladStocks: The 3 Different Ways You Can Buy Stocks (Part 5)


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In this installment of Vladstocks, DJ Vlad breaks down the three ways you can purchase stock in a company. He points out some of the popular trading apps on the market that work pretty well for beginners and for those wanting a bit more attention, they can look into a discount broker. However, if you’re someone who is investing a substantial amount of money then working directly with a financial advisor could be an option.

Disclaimer: DJ Vlad is not a financial advisor. Posts for entertainment only – don’t rely on for financial, tax or other advice. Get your own financial advisors. Do your own research. Make your own investment decisions.


  1. Another useful tool is using stock simulators. The one I use is called How the Market works. The good thing about this is you use fake money to buy and sell stocks. They even have monthly contests you can compete against other people to get prizes and rank against others. This way you can find out what type of stock investor you are. If you can watch a stock go up and down without flinching then it shows you have confidence in your stock pick, but I would set a stop/limit at a certain point. If you are biting your finger nails every hour then you may want to only pick stocks that are pretty stable in the market and only take conservative risks.

  2. The comments are sad.

    Vlad using his time and resources to educate and ppl are on here insulting and ridiculing how he looks.

    Man. Our ppl.

  3. If anyone can help me I would thank yall. im in mexico and I be doing be research on stocks but I dont really know whay company to use,… would yall suggest using any of the ones Vlad just talk bout? Thanks have a great week


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