When To Buy a Stock Exactly


Today we do kind of a stock market for beginners video on when to buy a stock. Everyone that looks into how to invest in stocks wants to know when to buy. This video will help you understand in the stock market when I decide to buy and why.
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  1. Nice video Jeremy, I was wondering why you didn’t buy FANGs a few years back? Is there a specific reason that prevented you from buying big tech? Maybe valuations?

  2. As always, great video. Your point about thinking beyond the next few months is very valid. If the company is strong with a solid management team, the short-term issues will be resolved and share price will recover. Buy on the pull-back for a little extra boost. This year is very much that way, patience is required. I have seen some very strong swings in excellent companies. Patience and timing is my theme this year for investing.

  3. Great Video! doing your DD and buying good companies is where its at! and P.S. Kudos on the Videos. I just started making videos ands its A LOT of Work! lol any who keep up the good work!

  4. Agree with this video! I 've seen an interview with buffet where he's saying that imagining that the stock market closes for 5 years or 10 is one way of thinking about buying. Do you still want a share in that company ? I kind of like this idea.


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