When to Buy and Sell Stocks!


When should you Buy and Sell stocks? The next time your about to buy a stock for a trade ask yourself a few questions first. Does this stock meet all your criteria for a profitable trade? Focusing on answering key questions can be the difference between entering a winning or losing trade!

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  1. Some great ideas here Patrick. I think the 'how' of investing is way more important that people realize compared to the 'what' of investing. Planning on regular deposits each month, invested into a core-satellite strategy of 70% funds and 30% individual stocks can provide a stable return without having to worry too much about what stocks to pick. The strategy leaves some room for stock-picking if you like but gets most of its returns from the broader ETFs. Within the core funds, you can invest across sectors or in themes like dividend or value investing.

  2. What software/site do you use from stock purchasing? I use Coinbase and then GDAX for cryptos, and I've used Robinhood for stocks but I'm not happy with the time that it takes to process and order. I find myself buying and waiting DAYS before I can realize a profit. I like GDAX and Robinhood because of the $0 transaction fee so I'm interested to hear what you use. Sorry, I'm sure you're probably asked this a lot.

  3. Good video. You need to have a strategy. Failure to have any sort of strategy is the number one reason 90% of traders fail to make profits, or at least that's what I read.

  4. Not sure why people are disliking this video. It was one of the best videos I have ever seen. Straight forward and logical. Thanks Patrick for making educational content for your viewers!

  5. you've made me such a better trader idk where id be without your live trades. Ive watched all of them like 3 or 4 times and just really take everything i can out of them


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