AT&T LG G3 D850 Free Wifi Hotspot Enabled!


Video showing an AT&T LG G3 (D850) which has been modified so that wifi hotspot works for any service. AT&T includes software checks on the phone that prevent you from using the hotspot feature if you’re using any carrier other than AT&T- even if your carrier includes hotspot with your plan. This can also be done to enable hotspot for AT&T customers who have a plan that does not include hotspot – for example, an old unlimited data plan. Also if you notice, the phone is running Android 5.0 Lollipop. So this is possible even on the very latest software version!

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  1. sorry i have the same problem with my lg g4 my mobile hotspot does not run it's always telling me forgiveness authentication sorry how

  2. Hey I need help with my Samsung galaxy note 3 and my carrier is att and it would say that it's verifying when I try to turn on my hotspot then it says it's disabled and I need to activate it online but it tells me nothing so I was wondering if you could help me…

  3. Thanks for offering the service I have LG G4 for AT&T & I am currently using it with Zong SIM Internet in Pakistan. The hotspot problem is exactly the same as you've shown in this video, same pop up message. Pls help me to resolve this issue . thanks

  4. Hi please help me please
    my mobile is LG G4 coming again and again network problem mobile Hostpot I try reboot also then again same coming please help me

  5. Hola, para un LG G4 H810 AT&T, sin ser Root lo puede hacer? desde Uruguay te escribo. En tal caso puedes Rootearlo a distancia? Utilizo Android 6.0 Marshmallow.


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