Free Unlimited Calls Texts WiFi Hotspots Free Tone App Review! April 2018


GET FREE CALLS, FREE TEXTS, and FREE WIFI With this one AMAZING APP! DOWNLOAD NOW FROM THE GOOGLE PLAY STORE! There are hacks, no roots, no jailbreaks needed! Just get the app.

More Ways To Get Free Calls and Text and Internet! Read the article below:

Free Calls
Free Texts
Free WiFi
Free Internet
Free Tone
TextMe Inc


  1. I am watching , your a man of your word big Thanks for the shout out ! Big fan of the channel and a advocate of always helping others, and keeping the tech community informed on ways to save $$$.. Just a note if you want to use this app and you value privacy above all things for what ever your reasons may be. You want to use this on an older device or a device that is not associated with your actual cell phone number, reason being… IF you install this on your every day driver there is a tab that says contacts if you go to it , it will automatically read from your contacts list and show you anyone in your phone book that has the app and their FREETONE phone number FYI. Yet ANOTHER informative video from Tw0 Ph0neSSSSSS

  2. Most of those apps that says "free internet" are not free!. You'd have to already be connected to a server, an internet provider or the app will say "no internet connection," and the app won't do sh*t.

  3. Hey bro awesome app review guess what somehow my old iPhone 5 started to working and charged again knock on wood right almost threw away my I phone 5


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