Free WiFi Hotspot for ALL Androids, No Root Required


Turn the audio up. This video details the app FoxFi which allows for all Android devices to be used as WiFi hotspots free of charge and without needing a root. If you have a data plan on your phone but not a hotspot plan, then this is for you.

-Sprint customers will need to download it from the link below.
-This will not bill your phone company whatsoever.
-HTC users might need to try Bluetooth instead.

Previously this used to work on all phones but nowadays it does not. It works on a couple ICS phones and doesn’t work adequately on really old phones, also it DOES NOT work on HTC Phones anymore. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but I didn’t develop the app. Don’t be angry at me, because as for myself, I cannot use it either since I run 4.0.

FoxFi Download Link
NOT AVAILABLE. Search “FoxFi Download APK” on Google and the very FIRST LINK has the download.



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