Free Wifi Hotspot for the HTC One (Wireless Tether)


This video below will show you the method to get free wifi hotspot on the HTC One. Keep in mind that all devices are slightly different when it comes to the Tethering applications, so you may have to try out different applications and try out different settings (all explained in the video below). Thanks to TrevE for getting this application working for us over at XDA.
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How to Root:

Hotspot APK files:

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  1. Hi Mr Tim Schofield
    I would like to talk about your video titled "Free Wifi Hotspot for the HTC One (Wireless Tether)". This tutorial was published few years ago. Today I'm using phone HTC Desire HD A919 with android. I have setup wi-fi hot spot. Everything is ok. My phone is working as router. Ok. On my local computer I have installed Filezilla Server and I want to share my Filezilla Server in public network through my HTC phone. How can I do this? I know my phone external IP address but it's not enough. Can't send ping to the external phone IP address. Maybe i should port forward on my HTC Desire phone, but I don't know how to port forward on HTC Desire. If You can help me please send me any answer or useful links. How to share FileZilla Server in WAN throgh HTC phone as a router? Thanks
    Best Regards

  2. Just checking out some your videos, and what can I say, THUMBS UP for all the good work you're doing , on Youtube and your website.

  3. I have my htc one m8 from sprint rooted and wifi tether treve mod running, but none of my devices recognize a signal. Is this something to do with tether guard, and is there a workaround +Tim Schofield (Qbking77) ? Please help!

  4. I have a HTC One M7 (Sprint) with the latest ViperOne install. I had to turn it to the first Generic setting but after that it seemed to work. I plan on using this with my parrot asteroid in my car

  5. What is the difference betwen wifi hotspot ? And this tethering ?  if stock m7 has wifi hotspot,why would you wanna rot it to get this ? 

  6. Hi, I'm using HTC M7 and I'm able to connect to both of my desktops, but for some reason I can't connect to other wifi devices like android tablet or smart blue-ray. I have already change all the settings, any idea what could it be?

  7. P.s. I had another version of this tether that allowed me to see how fast the connection was also worked great with said video apps.


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