FREE WiFi Hotspot/Tethering for ALL Devices (PDANet+/Foxfi) NO ROOT


Thanks for Watching!! If Foxfi and PDANet+ are blocked on your Play Store, use the following links to check and download them:

Foxfi Compatability Check:

Foxfi Installer:

PDANet+ Installer:

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  1. Sprint seems to have figured out how to block it.

    I am trying to do convert my S4 to allow me to tether to it as a hotspot. I am trying to figure this out without annoying anyone, but I also don't want to screw up my phone. I love my phone. It has a new battery and it works better (IMO) than newer versions. I can't figure out which files to download and what to do after that. I'm pretty sure I figured out how to root it a few months ago but I got scared after that.





    Security Patch 2016-09-01

    Kernel version 3.4.0-4745659

    Build LRX22C.L720VPSGPL1

    Enforcing SEPF_SPH-L720_5.0.1-1_0052

    MDF v1.0 Release 4

    VPN v1.4 Release 4

    ASKS 1.2_161011

    Knox 2.3

    Standard SDK 5.3.0

    Premium SDK 2.3.0

    Customization SDK 2.0.0

    Container 2.3.0

    CEP 2.0.1

    Enterprise Billing 1.0.0

    SE for Android 2.3.0

    SSO 2.1.1

    TIMA 2.0

    VPN 2.2.0

  2. hey there little buddy… Thanks a million for this very useful video… Works great first try on my Samsung Galaxy J-3 I do have a question though how can you tell for sure if it ain't using your Hotspot data up I mean what prevents them from being able to detect the fox fi?

  3. guys it works i swear to u it works just download foxfi from playstore then go to the app and enable the Wi-Fi on it then go to wifi and if your trying to use xbox-one or ps4 a wifi named foxfi will show up and u can connect to it

  4. I did try this about a month ago to use it on my computer and it did work, though it did have a timed trial and once the trial ended I would need to purchase it to continue working and I don't have a problem that, what I do have a problem is that some of the comments are saying after paying it's not working.


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