Free Wifi Hotspots on your Chromebook!


First Enable Developer mode!


  1. Can you or someone else help me with this problem?

    I'm trying to connect to a network, [xfinitywifi], but the problem is that when I go upstairs, the signal is weak when I'm up there, but the signal is good at the normal ground level. Why is it when I go upstairs the signal is weaker there? also I have no router so………do you think you can explain what the problem is?

  2. the reason why it doesn't work when you type in shell is because when you hear the beeping noise from your laptop you're supposed to hit Ctrl d if you do not hit those command prompts it will restore the laptop back to normal meaning it will wipe the developer mode off of it and you have to redo everything

  3. in order for the command to work on Chrome laptop you have to put it in developer mode by pressing escape button in the fourth key on the top then after you hold them in press the power button one time then it should go into developer mode your welcome no problem


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