Free Wifi Tether/Hotspot on the Moto X


Here is a video showing how to get free wireless hotspot on the Moto X. You must be rooted.
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How to root:

Wifi tether app:

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  1. Does anybody know if its posible to trick moto X and update software without wifi working on? Thank you!

  2. This tether doesn't work correctly since KitKat 4.4.2 update. Go get WiFi Tether Router, developer Fabio Grasso at the Play Store. It works great. Well worth the small investment.

  3. Tether works kind of but won't let my native WiFi connect when out of tether mode. Is there a setting I'm missing in my native WiFi settings I'm missing?

  4. Be careful. Sprint terminated my line for abusing data while tethering. Use the Chrome spoofer agent and set it to Android Nexus 7.

  5. I used to use this app on my galaxy s2 but since it didn't support managed mode (I believe only adhoc mode) I couldn't tether my wife's blackberry. So I installed unnamed ROM (by watching one of qbkings howtos) and I use the sprint Wi-Fi hotspot app.

  6. You should do a video on how to gain S-OFF on the HTC One with HBOOT 1.54, it is possible with rumrunner 🙂


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