Hotspot – Using Your Phone for Mobile Internet Access


How to set up iOS and aAndroid phones to create a mobile WiFi Hotspot
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  1. Data is tge internet u use on ur phone. Hotspot is the same but sharing ur internet with other devices but uses ur internet connection depending on your plan alright.

  2. Hello, I'm wanting to use my mobile hotspot ON OCCASION when I Dj and this will be my first time and when I use the hotspot — WILL ALL INBOUND CALLS JUST GO INTO MAILBOX or will an incoming call come through Sir??? How do I stop the interruption so my music playing isn't affected Sir???

  3. This started 2 day ago. So when I turn on my mobile hotspot all my devices can connect. But when they do they don't get the internet access. Like it show they are connected but no internet access. Do you know how to fix this or I have to call my provider to get it fix.

  4. I have 3g cell phone service. I have a 15 year out PC and don't believe it has wireless connection capabilities. How would my computer get connected to my 3g internet service.

  5. Can anybody help me I can't I turn off the screen overlay, I have a tab a tablet Samsung I have tried many times to fix this problem but it didn't work I have watched YouTube videos and I still don't get it I do what they say do but I just can't turn it off I would like to add third-party apps on my tablet please help

  6. One question: If I turn the hotspot on my tablet (no SIM card so I pay anything) and connect to it with my phone, will something cost? PS: Neither of them have mobile data.


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