How To Gain Free WiFi Hotspot Access If You Are A Comcast Customer


Kenny Jahng of explains how to connect to the Comcast Xfinity WiFi Hotspot network for free.


  1. Ok wifi from a store or Hotspot… One question do you have apps or do online banking, credit cards stored? Do you like your money? Well go online and specially you with equalfax say by to money and calling asking for new cards and saying no I didn't make these charges. Me there's a reason I pay for my data on my phone!

  2. Okay so I just moved to a different state which means no internet I want to play Xbox live so I ask my aunt for the username and password for xfinity hotspot. I got the Xbox running smooth until 3 days ago as I was playing the Wi-Fi disconnected and now when I want to connect it says "Can't connect to your DHCP sever" now I have to disconnect wireless and then set up wireless network press the xfinitywifi and hope it connects. Which it does at times but I can't play online or even watch game clips also it disconnects again any help?

  3. thanks dude this worked. i dont want to pay for on a data plan on my phone so this helps a lot. why pay for a data plan when my Comcast account can give me a access via a hot spot

  4. My login page won't open when I connect to the xfinity WiFi Hotspot it even says I have Internet access but I have no internet and the browser wont relocate any advice ?

  5. It's not free – you have to have a Comcast account, and I'm sure, knowing Comcast, they'll figure out a way to make you pay for it.  In the meantime, the person who is paying the 10 bucks a month to rent the wi-fi modem, is paying for your "free" wi-fi in the park.  It's a fucking scam, and Comcast needs to be stopped.  If they want wi-fi infrastructure, they should pay for it themselves.

  6. It's not free dude. You are already paying for via your Comcast account. Your wireless router at home is being shared out publicly too.

  7. ive beed a comcast sub for almost 4 years,fast internet,very few problems,i love it,good luck if you switch,and bonus,free wifi,cant get any better then that

  8. hi,i had this xfinitywifi on my tablet,but clicked on forget,how do i get that back? i didnt know i could get this,im so excited,and then i realized that i took it off and dont see it anymore on my tablet,is there any way i can get it back on there? thanks,great info,def a must need to know,ive been a costumer forever and didnt even know about this,i was hooking up to my hubbys hotspot ; all this time,so i hope you can help me,thanks

  9. it is very good deal just for $39.99 /month, probably I'll go with them. Tired with Charter, shaking service.


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