How to Get an Unlimited WiFi Hotspot for Traveling Overseas


This year, when getting ready for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, I received something that – I didn’t know at the time – would become something that was constantly on me during the entire trip — an unlimited WiFi hotspot from RoamingMan.

Here’s how you can use it to get an unlimited WiFi hotspot for traveling overseas!

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  1. 500 megabytes is not unlimited excuse me 500 megabytes you watch one video and your 500 megabytes is history just want to give a shout out like that because I don't want people being misled thanks

  2. If u were in India you would get 1gb 4G data for free every day through an year for free or less than 1$

  3. If your in the uk, you can get a sim from the carrier 3 for like 15 a month with 4gb data and unlimited c&t that has data roaming free in any country

  4. Neat device, and good video as always! But nothing gets me more angry than when something is advertised as "Unlimited" when in reality your given a pathetic amount of data before your throttled back to 1990s speeds. Its blatant false advertising and I wish it would stop. Something is not unlimited if your capped after a certain amount. And no, throttled speeds are not usable by any means in regards to any kind of modern day internet use.

  5. T-Mobiles unlimited 2G data in over 100 countries is enough for me. Not worth shelling out over $100 so I can have faster load times

  6. I am holding on to a grandfathered unlimited AT&T data plan and was thinking of just trying to tether that data with my laptop. Would you still suggest this process over tethering?

  7. That is a terrible deal. Unless you do 10 different countries in 20 days what is the point of this crap. 70$ for a week for 500mb of 4g! You have to be stupid to pay that much.


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