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So in a older video from this year. A lot of subscribers and viewers have been trying to get the At&t Smart WiFi app. But somehow can’t seem to find it or download it. I’m on Moto G5 Plus and on Android 7 and using the latest Google Play update. I searched for it and it allowed me to download it on this device. My advice to all is to make sure you are on a newer device and maybe Android 7 and up. Also the latest Google Play Store version. If this doesn’t work for you all again, please comment below! Thanks

Download at&t app here:

How to get free internet and phone service:

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  1. As I tried to explain months ago in my free internet video that the At&t Smart WiFi app was available. This is now on my Moto G5 Plus! It's fully unlocked for any carrier and works great on At&t service! Another way if getting free At&t in the US today is by signing up to Freedompop. If you need to be connected all the time. The combination of that At&t SIM card from Freedompop and this At&t WiFi app is beast mode on any Android skin. Now not sure if this app works on previous Android updates but I recommend having Android 7 and up. #SmartWifi #FreeInternet


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