How to get free personal hotspot on any android with unlimited data


I really hope you guys try this method. When I first saw someone do this I thought it wouldn’t work, it suprised me that it did work. Let me know in the comments below what I should do for a video. (It doesn’t have to be how to get something for free) I might even start livestreaming. If I do, it will not affect my regular upload schedule. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see that.



  1. How to download aptoide you must have an android sorry ios users Step 1. Search it up on goggle then press the first link that shows up. Step 2.If the page is in Spanish and you don't understand Spanish Press translate page to English if it does not work the first time Press it again.Step 3. Press download then go to settings and press lock screen and security then turn on unknown sources then go back to goggle and it will download. Like if this helped if my instructions were to confusing reply and dislike my comment. Something else related to aptoide is so get aptoide the type in the Sims free play mod click the first one then download it and get on it and start the game then you will have unlimited simolens and the other things and they don't whare off

  2. Arrgh. I did everything and was so close but it said I couldn't disable the thether because my provider doesn't allow it. Is there anyway around this? Does it have something to do with me out activating admin? The option for admin didn't pop up for me

  3. i have 3 phones and im trying to make hot spot, but i realize that, i cant do without sim card, thats sux in 2017. so much from smartphones, they are all dumb phones lol.


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