How to get free wifi hotspot on your android phone.


I will show you how to get free hotspot on your android phone. I will be showing u how to get foxfi which will turn your cell phone in to a hotspot. If u don’t have a hot spot on your android cell phone. This will be a reaKlly good app for you.( NOT ALL ANDROID PHONE WILL ALOW FOXFI )


  1. Thank you so much I was trying to play online ps3 and krpt trying diffrent ways and apps but finally yes I can play thanx to you

  2. Yea guys this does not work any more so please see my new video. If my new one does not work your phone company block all hotspots hack. U probably have it root it or something.

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  4. Ok for the free version of foxfi it only work for 30 to 20 min and u have to restart it all over again. Pay cost around $7something in USA. There is a way to get the paid version for free. in the Internet using your android go type foxfi APK and download it u should get foxfi for free.


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