How to get Free WiFi & Internet At Home or Apartment


After paying too much, I found out How to get Free WiFi & Internet access at your Home or Apartment for your Laptop, PC, or Mac. If your house needs internet, but you don’t want to, or can’t afford to pay a high bill every month, then this method will work for you! Visit here to pick up portable wifi device: or You can buy an Iphone already set up with free 4G here: – keep in mind the device isn’t free, but the service is once you get the device. That is how the company stays in business.
Anywhere, If you have power in your house, then you can do it. This method is what I use for my internet. This is the only WiFi I have in my house, beside my portable hot spot, and I’m very satisfied with it. I use this Internet to watch YouTube videos, download music, and do home work for school.

(This method is best for college students who don’t live on campus, but still need internet to do assignments, or a normal person who needs the internet to check emails and handle business related stuff for perhaps their job. This method is free and will cost you ZERO DOLLARS PER MONTH!)
– Buy LG Nexus already set up with free internet here:

(UPDATE: Noverber, 2015) Instructions:
The router is no longer sold so you can get the small portable device which is the only option for free wifi at the moment. There is only a one time activation fee. After you pay that, you will not have to pay for service unless you want to buy more data:

– If you want to learn how to get free internet on your iPhone or android watch this video here:
Last two methods:

– How to get free cellphone service:
– How to get free 4G LTE, iPhone or Android:


  1. Thanks RashaadRahh for the video, I don't know jackshit about computing, internet or the like, thanks to young men like yourself finding out these tricks and explaining it in a way that us that don't have a clue on others posting same kinda video, because they use geek talk, abbreviated tech terms , like we all know what that means?
    Thanks again RashaadRahh, looking forward to more of ur vids, and to start saving cash.

    One other thing, i saw someone comment about how you should try an make money from advertising on these vids, but i say don't waste your time on posting ads, having to do the whole filing taxes, paying for this or that, I have a better Idea, add links on all your stuff (videos) for people to DONATE, donations are tax free with no overhead or any advertizing cost,.

    Ask for people that watched these videos and maybe benefited by saving cash, to please share the wealth by making a small donation to a young man in College struggling financially. or something on those lines.
    ~Just Sayin~


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