How to Make Macbook Pro a Wifi Hotspot – Tutorial


Short tutorial showing how to make your Macbook Pro a Wifi hotspot.

This can be used to connect to the internet from your iPhone, via your Macbook.


  1. it works perfectly 4 Samsung galaxy s3 i click ethernet , wifi, and bluetooth. make sure bluetooth is on on your phone 2 if your phone is connected to your wifi but isn't working tell your phone to forget the wifi and then reenter the password (thx a lot @James Alex Flint

  2. please answer. I have the new mbp retina 2013 and bought a usb-ethernet adapter from gigaware. I connect it to my ps4 and then to my mac but I don't get the pop up message saying it detected a new source of connection. do I have to install a driver for usb ethernet? or what am I doing? I want to connect my ps4 to my mac to use it in order to get connection from there


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