How do I stay connected when I travel? I like to stay connected by using Mobile Hotspots, MiFis & Internet Sticks . As a travel vlogger I need to stay connected. Here’s travel tips about how to do it. Read more:

As a travel vlogger, I need internet when I travel. So today I thought I’d go talk to you about cellphone hotspots aka mobile internet and USB internet sticks.

Four ways to stay connected with internet when you travel:

1. Unlocked Mobile Phone

2. Mobile (wifi) hotspots

3. MiFi (Mobile Wifi)

4. Unlocked USB Internet sticks


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  1. The only problem is what if the data is not capped and not only that you're not getting free Wi-Fi you're having to pay monthly we need another way because 16GB of data isn't enough for my liking because the data can run out quickly especially using a hotspot device.

  2. I just subscribed. I like your videos. They're very informative and travel friendly. Thanks and will look for to more.

  3. Catching up on your vids been so busy.. Just got to Bangkok a few days ago.. It's so dang hot! lol

    Another great vid! 🙂

  4. That was awesome! I just tried to make sure I could set up a hotspot with my phone, and it was definitely very easy. I didn't want to wait until I got to some other country and then not be able to do it! I was amazed at just how easy it was to do, and then watched this video through my phone's hotspot to my laptop. You finally got me off my butt to figure out how to do it by watching this video!

  5. Sometimes i have to watch your videos 3 times in a row cause your beauitful face distract me from listening hehe…

    But Great advise. This will be super helpful for me as i travel to Thailand & Philippines in May.

  6. Did I miss where you said why you recommend keeping the SIM card "frames(?)). I know a bunch of YouTubers that should watch this! Thanks for the information!

  7. Hi..I use a internet stick on my Mac as well…there great…I know you have to do a lot of other stuff on your laptop but I love my iPad…hope your well? And thanks for the email…stay safe…

  8. For those in the USA that are traveling overseas and not staying too long in one country Google Co might be the best solution. Can you give us info on getting an Indian SIM and cost of data etc. Thanks


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