how to turn your ipod touch/iphone into a wifi hotspot


hey everyone in this video im going to show you how to turn your ipod touch or iphone into a wifi hotspot.
the thing you need to install from cydia is called mywi
follow my steps in the video

create a wifi hotspot with a press of the finger! wherever you are – you can conect your laptop or any other wireless device to your iphone or ipod touch easily! You can also use mywi to enable default USB/Bluetooth teathering on 3.1! Now supports teathering on 3.1+ and all iphone (including 2G/3G/3GS)! This version requirs NO ROCK EXTENSIONS to be installed. so go to cydia typen in “rock extensions” and uninstall.

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  1. Just so yall know the 1st device is an iphone cause an ipod doesnt have all the extra stuff at the top in the status bar even eith a jailbreak and this really dont work i mean it shows your wifi in settings and u can join it but its fake

  2. Obviously doesnt work since once the unjailbroken ipod connected to "NATHANS WIFI" the wifi connection signal at the top left didnt show even though it shows a connection in the settings lol

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