How to turn your Windows 10 laptop into a WiFi hotspot – Wireless hotspot – Free & Easy


In less than 300 seconds see how to turn your Windows PC into a wireless hotspot without software. A WiFi hotspot on your laptop computer that runs Windows is easy to create & use. It’s fun to see how to turn your PC into a WiFi hotspot Windows 10. Hosted networks are also supported in Windows 7 hotspot and Windows 8.1 hotspot and are all supported on most computers or laptops manufactured today. You can make a hotspot anytime you want in a Windows laptop computer. A wireless hotspot or wireless hosted network are both the same animal. So get a free WiFi hotspot by viewing my video and get a laptop hotspot. Free WiFi hotspot for laptop is easy for Internet sharing over WiFi or your wireless router in your home or office.

Just by following my basic steps that are shown in my video you will be able to see how to turn your laptop into a WiFi hotspot Windows 7 or how to turn your laptop or pc into a WiFi hotspot Windows 8. See how to make laptop WiFi hotspot without any special software or downloads. Make laptop Wi-Fi hotspot for free in Windows today. Make a hosted network in Windows for free today.

Quickly with a few easy steps make laptop WiFi hotspot Windows 10 and how to make laptop WiFi hotspot windows 8.1. Did I mention that how to make laptop wifi hotspot is totally free and easy to do in just a few minutes.

Watch my video and learn how to do a laptop hotspot now! My video shows you how virtually setup a laptop hotspot Windows 8.1, laptop hotspot Windows 7 and laptop hotspot Windows 10 with absolutely now learn curve for all your mobile connection needs for Internet sharing via your free laptop hotspot.


  1. Nick did everything you said step by step with no trouble but when i try to connect to the internet on my tablet it gets stuck on obtaining IP address what did i miss please help

  2. Command prompt admin rights? When I right click on that I don't see any of that stuff and I have windows 10 on my brand new Asus. I've been trying to get a hotspot connection by following all sorts of people and nothing works. This is brand new for crying out loud. I'm so frustrated I'm about to cry. Literally

  3. Hi nick, have started the hostnetwork on both Windows 8.1 & 10 successfully but there's an error. Im not getting internet access. The error message says ip address is not being allocated. What's the solution?

  4. A BIGGGG THUMBS UP!!!!! (y) (y) . . .just few queries. . . :
    1) How do I change my password to a new one??
    2) Everytime if I'm switching to new Wi-Fi connections, do I have to repeat this process again and again orelese my hotspot will be ON regardless of net connectivity in my system???

  5. NM …. I got it working finally but when I try to connect it to other devices they say connection problem, do I also need to go to the properties of my local area connection and select the box for sharing with all devices???

  6. It actually says I must run this command from a command prompt with admin privilege but we are already admin, any suggestions??

  7. Someone help me, I created 2 hotspots by accident and now when I try to start one it says that the hosted network couldn't be started. Is there anyway to delete a hosted network?

  8. Hey Nick please Help me When I click on properties of the network which is connected to internet it does not show me local area network on which hotspot is created there is only WiFi option I would be glad if u helpme out of this


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