MetroPCS Free Wifi HotSpot


beginning June 12, MetroPCS, will allow customers to use their phones as hotspots at no extra charge. Metro currently charges $5/month to enable hotspot.

Customers on MetroPCS’ $60/month plan, with includes unlimited talk and messaging and unlimited, unthrottled data for on-phone use, will be allowed 6 GB of full speed hotspot data. After 6 GB, hotspot will still work at the throttled speed of 128 Mbps.

MetroPCS’ less expensive plans will also allow free full speed hotspot up to the plan’s high speed data limit, with unlimited 128 Kbps hotspot after the limit is reached.

In addition, customers on the $60 plan who purchase the $5/month hotspot add-on will get an extra 1 GB of full-speed hotspot data for a total of 7 GB/month.


  1. This video as I can see is just a demo on how to turn your hotspot on. However I will refrain from calling him a retarded moron.

  2. If you on the 60 dollar metro plan only your Hotspot data will run out not your phone data and why I'm here trying to figure out how can i get more data for the Hotspot

  3. Hot Spot runs out Data does Not on $60 plan using hotspot for things OTHER than ur phone for things like you tube etc. will eventually run dry not on your phone but on other devices. There cant be unlimited HOTSPOT or all the internet companies would go bankrupt. I know Ive tried

  4. Got unlimited plan for Metro PCS when I use my hotspot Mgs pops up n show ive got 10% data left on hotspot. Why am I losing it?

  5. all cell phones do not have Wi-Fi right like the iPhone 4s the iPhone 6 6 plus there is a lot of competition out there with the cell phones do your research

  6. I'm using 60 dollar plan and I wanna know hot to get unlimited hot spot cuz only $30' $40' $50 plans u get unlimited hotspot BUT THE 60 dollar plan u can use hot spot to it runs put


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