NEW How To Turn Off Comcast Xfinity Wifi Hotspot 2017 (How To Tell Who’s Using Your Wifi Hotspot)


This simple tutorial will show you how to disable your Comcast WiFi Hotspot. I will also show you how to tell who’s using your wifi hotspot.


  1. This i think sucks beucause i have a bitch ass uncle who doesnt have a job and kicks me off because iam on playing the game at 10:00 pm on the weekend at the same time he is. What should i do???

  2. last year I had 6 kids in front of my home, when I questioned them they responded theyre using the comcast wifi
    I find it every time they update the modem I have to redo this
    and where do they get the legal right to use our service that we are paying them for to provide service to others for free
    they give us no deduction for the electric consumption this uses for their free wifi hotspots
    we consumers need to ban together
    this surely must constitute grounds for a class action lawsuit

  3. Comcast has disabled the ability to disable it. You can go to the website, and disable it there all you like, but it never gets disables. The settings to disable even normal wifi within the router do not work as well. No matter the settings you choose, the wifi stay's enabled.

    Used to be, if you switched into bridge mode, it would disable both the wifi, and the hotspot signals, however,this also is no longer the case. With the recent firmware being pushed to comcast routers / eMTA's etc, they have completely disabled the user's ability to turn off wifi, or the hotspot.

    Also, the DPC3941T has a KNOW exploit, and CVE for remote hijacking of the OS, as well as settings.
    Comcast made no mention to consumers, and quietly patched this exploit at the beginning of the year, but in subsequent firmware revisions, it's crept back into the stack.

    My advice to anyone using one of these devices, is to disassemble it, and manually remove the wireless card. Use the router in "bridge mode" and use your own secure router to handle firewall, and wifi rules.

    As we all know, from their track record, Comcast isn't a very reputable company, so using another device between them and you is a good idea.

    If you ever wondered why your router's configuration page is more responsive (faster) when you're disconnected, that's because while connected, comcast is constantly collecting data from your network and sending it back to themselves using the hardware you leased from them.

  4. Thanks for the information but I think this only applies if you are renting a modem from Comcast because I do not and I do not have that option to turn off the hotspot.

  5. I was with you right up to "settings" but there is no option for "manage home hotspot". Maybe they've removed it so people will not disable them. I do not rent their modem, but purchased my own, so maybe they don't use it because of that.
    Any ideas?

    I just checked my settings in my modem & I have my "guest network" disabled.

  6. Thanks for the video, I spent 20 minutes digging around in the settings trying to find the option with no luck. I just changed my router as well and had no idea where it was under the new interphase.

  7. can you tell me why ? I have changed my wifi password and my hotshot password but the other people and also my other devices can still connect my Internet with my old password

  8. I connect hotspot all my town because my contract is support. might you can connect too. we need that signal for onother user same as us connect any where. that is same as real cable. your neighbor use same cable as your service.


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