Set Up Portable Wifi Hotspot & Teathering to Tablet


Check out how to setup a portable wifi hotspot and use you wifi enabled tablet to connect to it when you are out and about without the tablet have a 3g mobile data contract.

In this example I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 II (GT-N7100 / GT-N7105) and a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet Wifi Only not 3G

Set Up Portable Wifi Hotspot & Teathering to Tablet From Smartphone

Watch TV on Samsung Galaxy Note 2:

Drawing / Sketch on Samsung Galaxy Note 2:

Link to Playstation 3 Controller with Samsung Galaxy S3:

How to Watch TV on Samsung Galaxy S3:



  1. This was the easiest thing to do thank you so much.. I have used my hotspot often and now to be able to play you tube on my tablet when not at home is great..

  2. I can't open my hotspot in my tablet and you should open the WiFi but my tablets WiFi is stuck in offline what do I'm going to do

  3. iam having trouble its says tethering or hotspot active I configure it and nothing happens it keeps saying tethering or hotspot

  4. I did the same exact thing, my Lenovo connected to my Samsung Tab A. But theere is no internet on my lenovo. Seriously, I dont know what to do now.

  5. How do u make a samsung galaxy tab 2 into a sireless hotspot? I got the app and I tried to make my ipad connect to it but it couldnt for some reason but I didnt tether

  6. Thank a lot I been searching for the menu to set the password for wifi hotspot on my new samsung tablet and i don't know how. Now i know thank you vey much. (^_^)

  7. Hey sorry if this question sounds weird but I just chatted with a few Verizon reps and they all left me confused by being misleading by stating that the other rep was wrong or by trying to make me buy the mobile jetpack with a smartphone plan in order to give me a very high bill… What I want to know is if I bought a smartphone plan that comes with text, talk and 2GB Data, will I be able to connect my Galaxy Tab 7.7 WiFi to the smartphone's hotspot for free internet use instead of also paying

  8. This is the first time I've ever left a comment! What a fantastic presentation! It was easy to follow and I like that the demonstration was clear and I could always see what you were doing. Thank you very much.


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