Sprint S7, how to get free wifi hotspot. The 2EZ method!


So it turns out that the Samsung S7 from Sprint can do free wifi hotspot without any mods or hacks….. just reboot the phone and get the hotspot function turned off before the junk that disables it gets loaded (I think that is what is happening here).

If you like the video, thumbs up please. If it works for you, comment. If you are a dirty bean counter at Sprint…. thumbs down and then comment on how this is bad or something… I don’t care.

Free the S7! Locked bootloaders are for itards.


  1. (4-23-17) As of Nougat update, hotspot detects you are not registered and turns off, fun while it lasted. (Sprint GS6 edge)

  2. Seems to work on my S6 and it seemed to be enabled when I installed Samsung Good Lock, however it may be because the service hadn't started yet as Good Lock updates the System UI and the phone lagged at initial startuop

  3. It works on my Sprint Samsung Note 4, also. Interesting, since I get a download speed of approx. 20 mbps. And, Sprint only charges $20/mo. for unlimited data. Beats Spectrum!

  4. I dont get this at all! How are you getting free hotspot through the hotspot. Did you just change the name and it allows it?

  5. mines now having trouble working as of 3 days ago, can anybody confirm its working? It'll start and then shut off after about 2-3 mins of use


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