Use PC as WiFi Hotspot with Ethernet!


This is a useful tutorial if you have a weak WiFi signal but have an Ethernet connect and a laptop or desktop PC.

By plugging an Ethernet connecting into a PC you can then share this connection out as a WiFi signal for other devices to connect to for internet access!


  1. Hey man, I had created wlan hosted network but now i want to delete complete ssid. Can you help me, i checked alot but didn't got success

  2. Next time open with the commandpromt to let ppl know right away if they even should watch your shitty video.. thanks for wasteing 15min of my time.

  3. To anyone with a problem saying that wlansvc is not running

    Open your windows search bar, type in services.msc
    Click on the fist thing to pop up
    Scroll down to WLANSVC on the list
    Right click it and press "Start"
    Your problem should be solved, I know it's a late reply but I hope I could still help!

  4. Thanks! Mobile hotspot worked for me right from the beginning, but started failing on me after a while… followed your steps until 1:25 and tried it again and it works 🙂 Thankyou

  5. netsh wlan show drivers
    The Wireless AutoConfig Service (wlansvc) is not running. WHYYYY!!!!!! CAN YOU HELP ME!!!!!!!?????????????

  6. he missed the final important step. go to view network connection then to EThernet >>right click>>properties then sharing. You'll find a dropdown list just select the hosted network that you've created normaley it's named local network connection then click you shared the conn,ection through that hosted network and you should be able to connect through wifi


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