Vanlife Tip: How To Find The Best Spot For Free WiFi


Free WiFi is available in lots of places. However, one of the best places to get free WiFi is in a public library.

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  1. If you leave your clothes in the van in a bucket of water to soak you can use the motion of your van to wash your clothes. You can plug in a battery and recharge it there too one of them jump starting devices can be a life saver.

    PLNT GYM free wifi McD , BK, WMT , Some of the hardware places lowes home depot is said to offer free WIWI Everybody knows Starbucks. It really is amazing how many places offer free wifi. LIBRARY with their power cord you can really get a lot done and really have some great power for lights fan radio TV or watch a movie. Most libraries offer FREE movies too.


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