$10,000.00 Profit!! Foreclosure House Flip Step-by-Step Instruction Video


http://www.markwhittentv.com Mark Whitten’s Elite Coaching Student makes $10,000.00 in 2 weeks without using CASH or CREDIT by “Flipping” Bank Owned Foreclosure! He tells exactly how he did it and shows Check! www.flipouseslikeyourhairsonfire.com


  1. it is very hard to sell a property today, the market is very slow.  Within a year I got only one offer for my newly renovated property and I would sell it for half price but the buyer did not have money to buy my property, so I still have it. I talked to several realtors and in average they sell 0-3 houses/year and most of them have to have a second income to survive. One of my friend have been flipping houses since 30 yrs and owns several properties including a large apartment building told me he makes his money on rentals.

  2. 10k profit? what about the expenses that comes with it? You did not have any expenses at all? you did not have to pay anybody or pay for anything?

  3. Shucks i'm waiting for my "flip houses like your hair's on fire" to come in the mail anyday now.I'm in.Good job gentlemen 🙂

  4. Definitely trying to be one of your students or next success story. Unfortunately I don't live anywhere near baltimore. I know with your guidance I can do it in the city i'm in now. would love to hear from you brother

  5. Great motivational video Mark. Hey I have a question and that is will your program work in TEXAS? The reason i ask is because the books i see say washington dc,maryland and other specific places up north. Thanks for doing what you do for the people and being genuine.


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