6 Tips for Picking the Right House to Flip


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Check out these great tips to learn what you want to look for when it comes to choosing the right house to flip!


  1. As a person who sells flipped homes often, I highly disagree with the contention that you should "never buy a home on a busy street". Everything is dependant on the market you are in, but some of the most valuable and desireable real estate is located on busy streets. Does it tend to lower the value? Yeah, sure. But some of the best flips I've seen were on homes located on busy streets. I strongly disagree that you should make that a strict rule regarding flips. There is much more complexity to that then simply saying "never buy a home to flip if it's on a busy street".

  2. You just need the right marketing to sell a home on a busy street. "This beautiful home is located on a busy street, but there is sacred ground nearby that will bring your pets and children back to life should they be killed on said street."


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