Before and After House Flip Video with All the Numbers


This is my first video like this with the before and after video included as well as additional information on how I bought the house, how I repaired it, what it sold for, and a breakdown of all the numbers. If you like the video let me know with a thumbs up or comment.

You can also see more information on all my active flips at It includes before and after videos on my current flips as well as the 26 flips I did last year.

You can see my book on fix and flipping houses here:

We bought this house for $151,250 from the MLS and ended up selling it for $226,000. I go over all the numbers at the end of the video including what we made on the house. This was one of my smoother flips without any major problems selling or rehabbing, although the hardwood guy did a poor job and we will not be using him again.


  1. This is crazy expensive. The flip was nice but to pay that kind of money for a box in small town in the middle of nowhere, with only one bathroom, no garage, no landscaping whatsoever in the backyard, not a shred of a bush or a tree. In the medium sized Californian city where I live you can buy with slightly more( 275-300k) houses with beautiful backyrads with orange and lemon trees and a swimming pool. Not to mention two bathrooms as a must.

  2. Great Idea (Had Already Subbed) – But Liked, I really enjoy your in depth videos such as these and helps paint a picture of the process.

  3. I like the videos like this. I hope you do more like that. That being said both types of videos are good and keeps me inspired. I am hoping a couple years down the road I will have the opportunity to do my first fix and flip. My current house was a fix but was a keeper as my first home. Was worth 45k more then what I put into it when it was don,e and now have 65k in equity now, so I am pleased. Also learned lessons along the way and feel like i can do better next time. Goal is to build up enough money to be able to put enough down that the bank requires (did a in house loan with only 10% down when I was doing repairs on my house) When repairs where done I converted into conventional. Also I want to have enough for carry cost. Thought about doing a home equity line of credit for repairs that would be needed on whatever place I get.

  4. Mark, have you thought about what you would do if there was another housing crash?(I believe there is one coming soon) What would you do holding all these properties?

  5. So when i bought property, i had to pay closing costs. When i sold property, i had to pay closing costs.

    So, in getting a house to flip, how do you manage closings on the buying and selling side, such that closing costs don’t end up taking up all the profits on slim margin projects?

  6. Yes this format is good. Please do more videos like this one! Thanks. One question though. Are carrying costs the same thing as closing costs? I don't see escrow fees so I'm guessing maybe you just use different terminology and language than states like California?

  7. You talk about moving the fridge out? Is a smaller one supposed to take its place? It looks like you don't have a lot of walking room between the fridge and the oven?

  8. Wow… I love the breakdown Mark. This is a STELLAR video!!! I love this format. I think this would be a great format to keep doing occasionally. Hope your new office is coming along. 🙂

  9. So, how does the loaning of private money work? This may not be the place to ask, but I may in the future want to loan you money for one of your flips, or maybe know someone that could. I never knew how much interest that kind of loan charged but at 10% or even less would be well worth it.
    Also, I'm really considering getting into flipping houses, One side of me says maybe I should work a 'Normal' job while looking for a project house and while working on it. But the other side says if I'm gonna do it, that it should be my main focus. Now obviously you don't have all the answers to life, but what would you say?
    Anyway, I liked the break down between what everything really costs because it puts a number to a project I can see. Instead of just 'We spent 35k on this house' you get to see exactly where that money went. I think a blend of both styles would be cool, I don't like the idea of having all houses being just 1 video because that'd cut the content in half almost, but not really. Would just be twice as long between each video. But, a nice conclusion on the finished house with all the numbers would be great.


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