Bella Casa Staging and Redesign was the exclusive home staging company that professionally staged all 8 episodes on Zombie House Flipping on the FYI channel


  1. My grandmother watches this show we live in Ocala fl with my wife and 2 kids she loves this show I started watching it and I do stuff like this I love this show the things they do are amazing

  2. Thoe house still looked ugly after the renovation. LED fixtures? Really? It looks cheap and unattractive. The kitchen was so boring. The colour pallet from the tiles to the backsplash was horrible. The materbathroom still looked outdated. Gosh, if it was my house, I would've be extremely upset.

  3. I stage for next to no money because im smart enough to have my own storage shed and i purchased a few sets of furniture at auction for $35 LOL.
    Most sellers don't pay closing cost but it does come up , property tax should be included , the percentage the listing agent gets , and they should stop lying about what things cost to do .

  4. It hasn't taken of beacuse it's over acted scripted shit. No need for the oooooo that's real blood or the fake shock at walls being taken down. People who watch shows like this are not idiots don't treat them like ones

  5. This show is the epitome of what's wrong with real estate in Florida! It's all about investment groups pooling their resources together to milk home buyers for the highest price as opposed to listing at true market value. The same staging company & realtors! Not one show shows the actual work conditions for the laborers! It's a false evaluation of the actual costs to renovate and sell a property, as it does not account for taxes, liens, fees, staging, materials, etc…

  6. You guys don't account for closing costs, property tax while holding, staging fee, etc. The profit listed is not the true number.


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