Best Materials for House Flips

139 Discover the best materials to use for house flips from the most experienced house flipper in North America, Phil Pustejovsky. You’ll get an inside look at what paint, flooring and other renovation materials he uses when fixing up a house when his plan is to flip it. Whether you are interested in doing your first house flip or are a seasoned professional, you’ll learn something new from watching this video. Plus, it’ll be entertaining too.


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  2. I didn't see the type of cabinets he mentions….at the big box stores….is he referring to the in stock unfinished stuff and finished stuff on the shelf?

  3. $2600 for that bathroom! $19,000 labor! OMG dude, the money you’re wasting. You may have the money to do it but there is SO much money you could be saving.

  4. Wow Phil, thank you so much for this awesome video (as well as the rest). The one thing that has kept me from stepping into this is that I that I figured out that I think just like you, and that was not good (under-capitalization mindset). Now I realize that thinking like you is a good thing! Heh.

    I really enjoyed the comment about millennial buyers wanting the latest and greatest 'look' and stuff; eg do it on the lowes and HD scale.

    The flooring segment had me intrigued though, I've never heard of that type of flooring (off market sources), could you provide some links? I mean if it ain't in the mainstream then it doesn't exist! haha! I need to redo flooring in my own house atm. Thanks man and I'm watching more of your videos now – was subscribed via email, got your email to the flip video this evening from 2012 (oh that one is priceless), and I'm definitely enthused! Just subscribed to your channel. Keep it up man and thanks for the best work on youtube!

  5. The Home Depot vinyl flooring named Allure is great if there is dips in the slab or going over old flooring. Flexible, tough, easy to install

  6. Thanks I am working on low end rentals not bad neighborhoods. Just a cheaper market. Maybe if you are rehabbing a C class home for rental you could do a video. Thanks I always get good ideas from your videos.

  7. I'm of the opinion that a real state it's all about rate of return, this rental at 137,000 as a vacation rental does not make sense, that 137,000 can be leveraged to five or six deals that make you 30 to 40% ROI

  8. Hey Phil, I love your videos and your style of teaching. I also live in Volusia County. Do you offer an internship for your company? I will be leaving the Military next year and I know the GI Bill (money for Veteran's education programs) will offer compensation for those companies. I would love to be part of your team and be able to learn from you. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you or one of your representatives.


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