Crendor’s HGTwitchTV House Flip Crenovation


Flippin houses on Crendor’s HGTwitchTV House Flip Crenovation — Recorded live at


  1. sitting in my messy room, apathetically watching a stoner clean up a virtual house.

    mankind is fuckin doomed, man.

  2. 2 hours of crendor not finding things in front of his nose. Have fun screaming to the screen "ITS RIGHT THERE" xD

  3. You know when you call someone to come paint your living room specific colors, and then they go straight to the bedroom and start painting it entirely different colors?

  4. Damn. If there's anything better than getting high and watching 2 hours of Crendor cleaning houses and speaking like slowed down turtle, then I don't want to know what it is

  5. tsk…so judgemental. These people hired you to clean, not to judge them on thier toxic mold, broken bricks, cigarette butts, empty cans. They just want a clean home to raise a baby. x-D

  6. Well this wall has some electrical work in it… that means you just have to hit it extra hard! <– Good advice!

  7. I like how I havent used AIM in over a decade but I still get that twitch whenever I hear the sign in noise to check to see who came online.

  8. What ridiculous capitalist propaganda. Teaches you to “good work hard hard” and to exploit people by owning the means of their housing. Brainwashed scum

  9. The buttclenching! Crendor, you have the same problems as Jesse, you guys never read your UI. The number of times I screamed at the screen… Great vid, as always!


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