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  1. When the wife and i bought our home the landscape was terribly overgrown and the home did not appraise due to it, sellers dropped the price 20k because they didn't want to trim the trees/mow the yard.

  2. I love the videos , of all the money guys out there that make videos you are the one with the most straight forward non emotional medicine that we all need to hear

  3. there is a saying in my place: "A house needs a servant, not a master" (e.g. your work on the house never stops)

  4. Good points , we bought ugliest house in best part of town . Was an estate sale out dated carpet smelly yellow musturd walls , 3 large pitbulls 1 handicap owner, mirrors everywhere, landscaping overgrown , was on the market for 3 months nobody could see past this stuff. Fast foward almost year later everyone who comes by can believe what how gorgoeus the house looks, crazy what some paint sanding staining knock couple walls down cut the grass and what some mulch will do for you. We paid asking price was 460 we got it for 420 and house next door behind us is selling for 670k they do have pool though but same house pretty much and they have half the land we have almost 1 acre. Looking foward to see an appraisel see what its worth now.

  5. I would rather be me than this man —no matter what he has in the bank –i hate to be this direct but im 54 and look 35 —-money is bs —have some then enjoy life –this guy is giving advice and looks like an aging miserable dude ====its the truth —handsome man but i do not want to get advice from him or anyone anymore –enough –he supports a man that will destroy america

  6. I bought my home at 145k 8 years ago now it is worth 267k when I bought it the house was a mess I invested little over 20k . Bingo! I'm very happy, not planing to sell at all. Love it! He is right. Don't buy the most expensive , buy the one with possibility .

  7. I do agree with most of this – but gutters don't cost "nothing". I replaced all my gutters with new seamless ones, and the best quote I got was for $1800, and I live in a small house! But the gutters cost a lot less than letting water pool by the foundation.

  8. I agree and disagree. Buy house comes down to where you living. Now if you live Utah, Idaho, Kansas, then point view would make sense. If live in New York where rent payment is same as a mortgage well which would you choose?


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