DO NOT QUIT – How to buy a house and flip it for $15,000 or less!


I explain in brief detail how to buy a house and flip a house for $15,000 or less. With that amount being the bare minimum, I suggest $40-50K saved up to do it effectively. But if anything I made this video to show some of you that buying a home isn’t necessarily too hard or out of your reach. If you know how real estate investing works, you can take advantage of the market at any level and this is one way how. As I will explain in another video, do not purchase a rental property if you do not own your current place of living, if you live with parents or somewhere where rent is free, then you can, but otherwise its not worth it.

If you got more questions on this ASK!! I also explain why quitting isn’t going to get you anywhere.

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  1. an interesting real estate market that not many people look into is mobile homes. alot of times you can get older ones in parks for free and flip them for 2000-4000 ive had 20 at a time and you can stack 40k in a month or two if your very very motivated. once you build capital,buy them for 1500 from the banks and flip them to corporate parks for 4x

  2. thats awesome man
    im looking into buying a multiple family house or 2 in NJ
    saving up for it
    from job plus i have a route for bread delivery at night that net me 1k a week
    working 6 days a week 15 hrs aday but i just crossed 100k savings with 0 debt and living with family so im looking into getting real estate licence and do the buy cheap house, fix, rent and then sell it after price go up.
    i also watched your video on getting credit score up and coming near 750 now and working on making LLC soon
    so you are helping me in all. aspects
    how can i contact you ?
    i need some moe details and would love to join you and learn from you even tho im in NJ

  3. Hey josh thanks again for the vid I'm 17 and I'm really interested in real estate investing I wanted to ask you about what tips you have on what I should do to get started. thanks

  4. Stupid question from not knowing what to look up on google. So when you talk about getting 15k back when you purchase the house is that from the sellers paying you realtor fees even though you're the one buying the house?

  5. Just pasted my frec 1 course , saving some money to handle my own deals, would love to have side income such as stocks don't know where to start what broker should I use, how much should i start with, what research to back the trade . Guidance please? I wish I could drop everything and go to where you reside as a pledged and just learn your overall life lessons. #Obligations suck

  6. Within the first 20 seconds I can tell this dude is full of crap. "Im just sitting here parked…I don't want to do too much editing, thats why you guys probably won't see me". No we can't see you because you EDITED your face out.

  7. how can you help me get started I don't live with my mom or dad I live with my sister it not fun I wanna ask if you can help me get started I'm not asking for money just help me get started


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