Easy Ways a Beginner Can Make Money off Real Estate – Wholesaling, Flipping, and Buy & Holding


If you don’t have money or credit to get started in real estate, there’s still some easy ways you can make money off Real Estate. You can start with wholesaling real estate, flip houses, or buy and hold cashflowing rental units! You just gotta know how!

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If you are getting started in real estate investing, watch this video. We’ll show you easy ways of how you can find deals and make money in real estate by wholesaling, flipping, and buying & holding. After watching this video, get off your rear end and get started! You can do these things. If you need help, go to http://www.100percentfinanced.com and sign up for our coaching!


  1. Man its a shame that i have to come on youtube to get in contact with you about a purchase (cash audio file and how to buy houses w/ credit video) i made 10/8/17 in which i still havent received my video. I spoke to your peoples about the situation and still nothing> Whats going on?

  2. This might have worked a couple of years ago there's too many people trying to flip and buy houses it takes money to make money now

  3. For a example if I had excellent credit already been on my job 9+ years and I have 100k saved up ready to invest in real estate what would be the best way to go some people flip, buy and hold single family multi family In your opinion what would u suggest? Also living in southern cali it's not cheap out here lol

  4. I am 18 years old and a newbie to wholesaling properties. I wanted to know, can I go directly through the bank for foreclosed properties? And also, how would I go about getting it flipped and putting it back up on the market for double it's worth?

  5. I'm ready to get into this industry . I recently went to Than Merrill seminar on flipping homes. Than ask for $197.00 to take a 3 day course in flipping homes. My question to you is. Can I trust someone like Than Merrill (fortune builders)? I don't have a problem investing my own money to get the knowledge to grow a successful business. I just do don't want to deal with a scam. It's scary enough taking this JUMP as Steve Harvey's says.

  6. so is there no way to do a buy and hold/refinance if you dont have good enough credit? I'm looking to get a gap loan . also I have a listing going for 135k and the arv is 195k and I can get hard money loan up to 80% of the arv and full rehab costs. I have got a few hard money lenders interested in this deal. Could you please tell me if you think this is a good deal or not? I have to piece together a hard money guy that will accept me having a secondary lean , because I cant think of any other way to get either the down payment or come up with skin in the game other than getting from a private lender which is gonna need a 2nd lien. , thats where I'm at. thanks for what u do bro, u made it possible for me to understand that its all about structuring a deal! its like trying to solve a puzzle in my head wit no pieces, just a bunch of #s and terms makes it so confusing!

  7. I am a newbie but I've been reading books and watching videos about multifamily investing. I'm very excited! I'll def. save up for your program, but for now I'll watch all your videos first. Thank you!!

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